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March 11, 2012
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Panties and Stockings for Rainbow Dash by JunglePony Panties and Stockings for Rainbow Dash by JunglePony
Rainbow Dash needs her lightning charged!:iconponyswagplz:

Socks on wings? that's new:iconcutegasmplz:

No background version: - [link]
Full version: - [link]
Wallpaper: - [link]

Edit: Thank you everyone for your comments, finding this picture cute or enjoying it in some other way. Please don't mind nag comments and ignore them. Or if you want to have fun, be my guest :iconpinkiepieexcitedplz:

Edit2: As requested original 160mb Photoshop file [link]
Edit3: This picture has been used as a cover in this nifty music [link]
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You did it again? I guess it's critique time.

Well, once again, it looks like it has been taken directly from the TV serie. The choice of the subject, our two favorite pegasi's appropriate.
It looks like Rainbow Dash's boasting as always, telling the viewer " you won't dare!" It's quite like her.
And Fluttershy, well... she close her eyes in shame. Not saying she's a doormat, but being (un)dressed that way is a bit unusual for someone as chaste as her...
The signs on their respectful panties are depicting what they really are. A lightning for the thrill-seeker our Rainbow is, and Fluttershy... Is of course waiting for somepony who can love her tender, gently and kindly.

Perhaps, the change of skin colors near their only piece of clothe is a bit too much, like the belly button.
But this is the kind of effect you want to trigger with this pic, don't you?

To sum it up, it's a really well made picture, both in the choice of subject(s) and the realization. I approve!
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20 out of 27 deviants thought this was fair.

Alright! Critique time! for this critique, i'm going to try and cover three points for this image. the bad, the good, and my personal opinion.

Seeing this image right off the bat, I can already tell that there will be some controversy down the road much like with "Panties and stockings for Pinkie Pie".

First issue that might arise is of the pose, of which they are in. It implies high a sexual standerd that some my find inappropriate. Another is the fact they have panties on (making this high level saucy), which further extends the high sexual standard and may imply certain things on their body's. Also having a guess of how people will think of this, i can see claims of this being "porn", "beasteality" or "rule-34" either towards you (the Artist), the image, or both. Also guessing is that some may find it hard to take in the fact that they are wearing socks, as it is not seen "normal" or "acceptable" for animals to be wearing clothing of this manner. as for my last point, some will also mention about the lack of a matur tag, or at the very least, a warning tag. being a high end of "saucy", some will argue that there should be a tag so that those who dislike this type of material can not "accidentally" stumble upon this image.

seeing this and being an artist, i can see many great points about this that makes this a good image.

as from a artist stand point, this is very, very good. The colors are used very well, bringing life to the image. The lines are done professionally, adding more feeling to the overall image. the composition is nice and balanced and dosent show too much attention to a specific area. the detail on the socks are good, especially Fluttershy's of how they wrinkle as is slides off her hoof. and the shadow and blushing effects are of good placement and don't seem out of place from what I can tell. even the designs on there panties seems to fit with the characters overall personalities. All in all, this is a high quality image and is very good on an artist point of view.

to start off, I know that this image is not rule-34, beasteality, or porn. at best this can be soft core porn, but still would not fall into the category of NSFW (not safe for work). as for what rule-34 is, it deals with anything relating to sex. penises, vigina's, boobs, tits, cum even tentacles. I dont see any of that here, so i can automatically rule out hard core porn, rule-34, beasteality, and what ever else that may follow close.

Seeing this image at first, the first thing i noticed was the pose. But, It works better with the two. unlike with "panties and Stocking for Pinkie Pie", with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, they seem to be there potraid age from the show and not look like "children". to some, they may still seem young, but in "THE BAD", I did not include anything about child porn (which was a claim to the Pinkie Pie image) do to the fact that they do not look young to me. defiantly having there faces of more of a 3/4 view implies an older look vs. a dead on front view. the Pinkie Pie image had a front view, and with the angle of her body, seemed to give her a younger look. with this, i dont see that, and see them as there proper age (around 18-19).

As for the socks, I love them. Using the same socks from Pinkie and putting them on Rainbow Dash worked well. those socks with her color palette works well. With Fluttershy's socks, I love those too, but as an option, I think it might have looked good with her hearts socks from "Panties and Stockings for Fluttershy". either way they still look great, and i think looks better with the strip pattern for this image.

The expresion on there faces are pretty good too. I love how RD is getting in to it and Fluttershy is trying to resist the urge. And I also noticed the belly button again. I like how it has become your signature in a way, and adds a bit of "cute" to the image. Overall, I enjoy this image much more then the Pinkie Pie one (but still like it).

you get 5 from me do to the high quality of the work, and me being an artist/ Brony, i love high quality images. alos if its a good MLP related image too.

for this you get a 3.5 from me. the 3 from the fact that this has been done before, with the socks and what not. the extra .5 come from the fact you added panties, making this a higher saucy image. and few artist dare add panties.

you get 5 from me. its good all together, and professionally handled

its one of the better pieces in the Brony community artistically, so 5 from me.

This is my review. may not be the best, but i tried.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
76 out of 121 deviants thought this was fair.

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Stardash3 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Professional Filmographer
Just go ahead and stay like that for a min, I'll be right over.Love   
aloynna Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student General Artist
please reply    can you do me a nightmare moon one?                  i would like one were she has green stockings please.
JunglePony Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to wear green for you, but remember , I have to use my spiky strapon  ;)
aloynna Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student General Artist
ok! HRR Smiley green 
Garfieldfan22 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
As I would put it... A reason for me to hate the Internet. SOMETIMES.
You should look at this:
JunglePony Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Booooo. Show me some pony porn!
SLB94 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cute but yet so sexy ^^
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Crotch boobs?
JunglePony Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not today ;)
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Dear lord,no! Not Flutters!
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