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March 21, 2012
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Rare Apple by JunglePony Rare Apple by JunglePony
Are you ready for the apple Sugarcube :iconapplejackisplzedplz:

This version does not include panties on Rarity:3 . I will post all other versions by the end of tomorrow I hope.

Wallpaper cute face version [link]
Panties and Stockings version [link]
Alpha Channel [link] :3
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As of the last critique, I will try to cover three main points. The bad, the good, and my personal opinion.

Even though your resent art has not been as bashed as the Pinkie debet, some points should be accounted for that may arise regardless.
This image my be labeled by others as either of the following: Rule-34, Porn, Bestiality, bondage and/ or child-porn.
Another thing that could be mentioned by others in the near future is possibly the lack of at least a warning label.
This image may also be under attack by those who will find this disgraceful to the show (My Little Pony: Friendship is magic) and its fan-base (Bronies).
This is also categorized as "High Saucy" due to the fact that not only do they have socks, but also panties. An argument to arise is that someone may note it as wrong as animals are not to be wearing clothing in such manner. With that in mind, it also suggests specific part on there bodys, potentially causing uneasiness or discomfort by what one might see from this.

You have been told many a time, but once more, this is a good piece of art
To start, the colors fit well with the image. Nothing seems to distracting from the main focal point. No color seem to dominate over another.
Due to that, a good Balance is achieved. the wight is centered and does not seem to drift either to the left or right.
The lines are clean, and it is of the sows quality, or style if you may.
the designs of there clothing seem appropriate and are still simplistic in a way.

First look at this, i noticed how more sexual it was. especially by adding bondage to this and how Apple Jack is getting into it. Its not bad, but i can see trolls or a bit of dislike over this, so dont be surprised when it happens, because it will happen.
One thing i like are the designs of there clothing. The Apples on Apple Jacks socks were a good choice VS. a solid color. And I like what you did with rarity's socks. looks like the design I did for my Rarity one ( [link] ). One thing that does bother me is her waist region. I like the belt, But it looks as though she is not wearing any panties. Are they white so we cant see them, or did you leave them out. I dont know. As for one more thing about the clothing, look the bow around Rarity's neck. Its adorable on her.
as for the faces, i love them. Apple Jacks shows how she wants it, but at the same time wants to be gental about it. For rarity, she seems like a boarder line between "does not want" to "give it to me darling". what makes this image, to me, is Rarity's face. Its so adorable, especially with her eyes. As cute as it is, I do see a bit of a younger appearance in her now. As said in the last critique, Its better to have there faces more at a 3/4 view to give an older appearance, however, those who watch the show will know that they are (or act) of at least ages of 18-19. So i dont think that will be too much of an issue.
Over all, its not bad. Not the top of my list, but its not bad. Its cute, its hot, and might be considered either soft core porn, but maybe not quite as NSFW.

I'll give you a full 5 stares for this. The image is of high quality and is very clean in terms of design, color and line usage.

You will get 4 stares from me.
- The first 3 come from the fact that this is a Saucy image (involving socks). seeing how this has been done before, you get 3.
- you get .5 stars extra for adding panties. that now makes this "high Sauce". and sense most artist would rather not do it, it adds more originality.
- you also get another .5 stares for adding the whole ribbion thing. Adds a bondage element, and for some reason, i kinda see Rarity being the type that would enjoy some kind of restraint.

You shall receive 4.5 stars from me. As good as it is, there where some minor things i noticed that could be approved (like Rarities crouch area for example. dont know if panties are there, or if she "free balling" in a sense).

I'll give you 4 stares. Not my top favorite, but there are still things i enjoy from it. design, colors and facial expressions. also, i'm 50/ 50 on this ship. it seems like it would not work for them, but at the same time they are opposites and would seem right for them to be together.

This is my review. of course my opinions are up for debet, but i think i did good. The importent thing is that i tried and hope you can agree on some points.

Thank you for you time and have a nice day ^_^
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
97 out of 119 deviants thought this was fair.

This is a truly amazing piece of RariJack work, a shipping that is actually not as common as one would think. The design/vision is absolutely perfect, with not a single detail out of place. The incorporation of bondage in it gives it a saucy, hot sort of feel, while the expressions on their faces give it an adorable counterpart. The panties and socks also counteract in a positive way, the panties adding more sexuality, while the socks give it more of a romantic, warm feel. And even then, each of them have their own which sticks to their personalities/designs. Another thing I think is portrayed well is their relationship together. There seems to be an obvious submissive/dominant situation, Applejack being dominant, but not to the point of BDSM, but more to the area of playfulness. To wrap things up...I would honestly have to say that this is one of, if not the best, piece of RariJack work I have ever seen.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
65 out of 74 deviants thought this was fair.

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Applejack's Tasting MARSHMELLOWS Hot choclate 
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I'm not against a little sexy fun, believe me, but really, Rarity; using the necklace with the Fire Ruby Spkie gave you as underwear while doing somepony else? That's just tactless.
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Sliirp :3Clannad Dango (Love) [V1] 
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